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Zoom Meeting To Process Our Clinical & Administrative Challenges Due to Covid 19

  • April 08, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom

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Naturally we were regretful to have to cancel upcoming CE events, as this IS our time as Private Practitioners to connect, share coffee and network.  So after realizing we simply had no choice BUT to cancel, we realized that we wanted to be able to provide something else to the PPC in this time of need.  The Board discussed different options; virtual CE events, etc.  But for right now what rang clear to us?  After reading emails strings?  Is that that support from colleagues is probably the most important thing we can try to provide at this time.

That said, we are looking to schedule ZOOM meetings so we can support one another and perhaps answer some questions. We are thinking to limit meetings to an hour for 25 people.  Participants can address both clinical and administrative issues in these meetings and just generally have an opportunity to share the experience of such a changed environment. The Board will provide moderation of these meetings. The first such event will be this Wednesday April 8th at noon. Based on response, we will plan to do a second meeting on Friday April 17th at noon. You will get another email notice for that event.

Just a head's up that this will be an experiment for all involved. The technology of moderating the meeting is nearly a complete unknown. We know that notice is short but we felt it best to put the offer out & see how members responded. This will help us to decide what to do going forward. Please reply earlier rather than later as lead time is necessary to set up the meeting. We will sign members up on a first come first served basis

The cancellation of events doesn't mean that we are any less united and we will do what we can to remain connected durng these times of uncertainty.  Thanks for your patience & we're currently working on other alternatives.

With Regards,

PPC Board


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