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Why do clinicians join PPC?

Most members join because PPC offers a unique selection of opportunity for business enhancement, training and CE events and collegial connection. The list serves provide a diverse forum of experience and theoretical orientation for all of your questions about your practice plus a rich mutual referral source. Members frequently post how pleased they are with the value and the helpfulness of the group. The website is yet an additional benefit which is growing in significance.

Is there an expectation of attendance at the meetings?

No, but like in all things… the more you participate the more you gain. We offer a number of CE events per year as well as frequent networking meetings both in-person and via Zoom.

What are the costs for being a member?

Annual dues are $90.00.

How much are the training programs?

The cost CEU events for members is $40.00 for a three hour training plus CE certificate and breakfast/brunch. The cost for non-members is $55. We also have luncheon meetings for networking and other professional focus for the cost of the lunch at $18 for members and $23 for non-members.

Do I have to practice on the North Shore to be a member?

No, some members from greater Boston and beyond join & participate because of the on-line collegial connection and CE events. Teletherapy referrals are available.


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