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Therapist as Mourner; Therapist as Author with Maureen Callahan Smith LICSW: 3 CEs Approved

  • November 10, 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Danversport Yacht Club


Join us on November 10 from 9am to noon at Danversport Yacht Club for a thoughtful discussion on grief, loss and self as therapist. Coffee, Tea and Breakfast are included with registration. 

All of us as therapists live the same emotional “full catastrophe” that our clients do: Life on life’s terms with all its attendant challenges, crises and losses. Including the Big Losses- whether it be a serious medical diagnosis, the ending of a relationship, or the loss through death of a beloved. We are often tasked in our work with helping our clients to keep their boats afloat even as our own are sometimes taking on serious water.  In my own case, the Stage IV diagnosis, bone marrow transplant, and later death of my younger sister and best friend led to event after event that challenged my capacity to show up fully for the clients with whom I was then working. 

 A serious search ensued for the answer to this question: How do I function in my capacity as helper when my own walls feel as if they are shaking? And how do I seek out sufficient support? How do I process the loss of “my person” even as I sit with others who are bringing their own pain to me for help in coping? How much of what I’ve learned do I share? We are all living these things. My experience is not unique. But we don’t have many places outside the safety of our own therapy or peer support groups to air out what it’s like to be a helper, in the midst of our own sorrows.

This workshop will use the author’s recently published memoir, Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief and Gratitude ( Gray Dove Press), as a jumping off place to explore the clinical issues that arise as we do our clinical work during our own worst times, of what tools we might call upon when and if we need to do so, of the wisdom and yes- guidance-that can be gained from doing our own writing, and the self-disclosure questions that come up around sharing one’s own experiences and learning. Our discussion will include an opportunity for some writing if you so chose. If interested, bring your writing gear of choice. 

For anyone who wishes to read the book in advance, arrangements are being made for it to be carried through some local independent bookstores- we will let you know when finalized. There will also be books available at the event. 

Brief Bio: 

Maureen Callahan Smith LICSW grew up amid the beautiful Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts and was deeply formed by her roots in this close-knit area. A former teacher and an Early Intervention Program director, she moved to Boston in 1984 for her graduate degree in clinical social work and currently has a private practice on Boston’s north shore specializing in EMDR and trauma resolution. Longtime meditator and yogi, and avid reader and journal keeper all her life, she is also a member of Turtle Studios artist community with whose support she was able to complete her memoir Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief & Gratitude (Gray Dove Press). She lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband, Anthony.   


This program has been approved for 3 Social Work Continuing Education hours for relicensure, in accordance with 258 CMR. NASW-MA Chapter CE Approving Program, Authorization Number D 92274

This program has been approved by MaMHCA/MCEAP for 3 CEs

MEACP Authorization 23-0720

This activity has been certified by NEAFAST on behalf of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health & Human Services Professions, for LMFT professional continuing education. Certification #PC-03429 

This event has NOT been submitted for APA continuing education credits. Please contact Carla Rosinski at with any questions


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