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Spring 2024 Peer Consultation Groups: Clinical Focus on Adults; with Cathy Elliott, LMHC

  • April 24, 2024
  • June 01, 2024
  • 2 sessions
  • April 24, 2024, 6:00 PM 7:30 PM (EDT)
  • June 01, 2024, 2:00 PM 3:30 PM (EDT)
  • Zoom
  • 26



We are happy to announce our first round of Peer Consultation Groups for PPC members!

Peer consultation is a vital part of clinical practice. It provides opportunity for increased self reflection, validation and support through navigating complex clinical situations. Engaging in peer consultation groups has been shown to improve therapeutic effectiveness and greatly reduce the risk of isolation and burn out while increasing connections with a community of practitioners.  

The PPC’s Inaugural Peer Consultation Group with Clinical Focus on Adults will provide a collaborative forum where professionals can come together to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices related to adult mental health/intervention. It's an opportunity to engage in enriching discussions, gain alternative perspectives, and strengthen your skill set. 

These groups are free and open to members only.  Members can attend individual group dates or multiple offerings.  Space is limited,  please only register for a group date if you are able to attend. Please see the Group Member agreements listed after the leadership bio. 

Dates Peer Consultation Group with Clinical Focus on Adults: 

Thursday March 21, 2- 3:30 pm (Thank you to those who attended!)

Wednesday April 24, 6- 7:30 pm 

Saturday June 1, 2- 3:30 

About the Peer Consultation Group Leader: 

Cathy Elliott, LMHC: 

I have been in the counseling and social service field for 35 years with experience in a variety of clinical settings working with a diverse range of populations. I began my career working in Gloucester, MA working in a community mental health setting (with Jim Lipski!) in the 1990’s where I worked in the psychiatric day treatment center with a dually diagnosed adult population. I also worked in the counseling center in that system doing psychotherapy with adults and adolescents. I worked with Jim doing emergency services and outreach and I did some inpatient work. Later I moved into doing administrative work where I ran a team of social workers in Cambridge dedicated to helping adults who suffer with mental illnesses and homelessness to find them housing and services. After a few years (and two children later), I returned to the day treatment program where I started my career and became the director there for many years. This is where I honed my love for clinical supervision and case consultations. When that program closed, I returned to doing outpatient counseling in a group practice in Beverly while I started my own private practice. I have been working, primarily with adults in private practice since 2005, going full-time in my practice in 2010. I have specialized experience in working with people who struggle with addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, relationship conflicts, personality disorders and trauma. I utilize a self-psychology model of the psychodynamic therapeutic approach to the work, and I have experience in working with CBT, DBT and other modalities. I offer individual, couples, group and family counseling with ages from 12-75.

Group Member Agreements: 

As participants in our PPC Consultation Groups, we understand and agree to uphold the utmost confidentiality to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all members. Confidentiality is crucial in fostering trust, respect, and openness within the group.


  1. Respect for Privacy: We recognize that all information shared within the group, including discussions, case presentations, and personal experiences, is strictly confidential. This extends to any identifying details that could potentially reveal the identity of clients or colleagues.
  2. Non-Disclosure: Members agree not to disclose any information shared within the group to individuals outside of the group without explicit consent from the individual who provided the information. This includes refraining from discussing specific cases or personal anecdotes in any form of communication, including but not limited to verbal discussions, written notes, electronic messages, or social media.
  3. Professional Integrity: We commit to maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and ethical conduct in all interactions within the group. This includes refraining from sharing information that could potentially harm clients, colleagues, or the reputation of the group.
  4. Boundaries: Members agree to respect personal boundaries and to refrain from pressuring others to disclose information they are not comfortable sharing. We understand that each member has the right to control the extent of their participation and disclosure within the group.
  5. Reporting Concerns: If a member has concerns about a breach of confidentiality or ethical misconduct within the group, they are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the group facilitator(s) or designated authority promptly and discreetly.

By participating in the PPC Consultation Groups, we acknowledge our commitment to maintaining confidentiality and professional development. 


Spring 2024 Peer consultation group leaders are compensated for their time and expertise by the PPC as a member benefit. 

Please contact with any questions or concerns. 


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